Finding Better Color Schemes 2017

When creating anything design based in 2017, be sure you spend time choosing the right colors. Finding better color schemes is critical to each and every design project. Colors can vary from web to print and screen to screen. Here we will talk about the more accurate approaches to choosing the best color schemes for the task ahead.

Is Finding Better Color Schemes really Important?

Absolutely!!! Every business market has color ranges that best represent the type of business. A big corporation may use white, grey’s and blue’s to get that professional, welcoming, and clean feel. Where a club project may rely on more party colors like neon’s on black, or just darker designs in general. Not going to deep on the Color psychology.

 Free Color Swatches for designers in 2017

adobe color picker

1) Adobe Color CC (formally Adobe Kuler)

Adobe Color CC helps designers, painters and more in finding better color schemes quickly. Not only does it provide a high end color wheel, but also pulls primary colors from images. Upload the image of your favorite sweater and get a swatch that matches perfect! Try finding better color schemes using their free color wheel as its most certainly our favorite by far. Once you have found the perfect colors for your project, save the color profile and its that simple! The interface actually provides you all the color codes that your design needs! Also check out the mobile app as the colors come from your smartphone camera.

google color picker

 2) Google “Color Picker”

For a simple color Picker at every browsers access, try googling “Color Picker”. The new google color picker allows designers to swiftly select a color from the web page. Not the most useful as it doesn’t provide full color schemes but accurate for single color selection.


 3) provides a simple color scheme selector. If you can work around the ads on their site, its a simple color selector with swatches that appear as you save theme.

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