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getting web design clientsFor startup developers, getting web design clients can be harder than learning web design. There are many options out there for beginner developers can get their hands on to gain interest. It starts with knowing your worth as a website developer. For the record, web design & development isn’t easy nor cheap so try to focus on what you do and what it takes to accomplish those task.

Build a 100% sure list of all services you provide. From logos, websites, SEO, etc… You want to come up with a list of everything and make sure your dedicating time to promoting those web design services.

Attracting More Web Design Clients attention

Getting web design clients attention can be done in several ways both free & paid. As a web designer your clients will generally expect to see your website, and other clients you have built websites for. More web design clients today want to see more proof and less spoof.


Lets start with web presentation

If you offer services you should look as good as you claim your customer can look. Getting more web design clients is mostly about presentation. Web development itself is mostly overlooked as your web design clients dont see the countless hours it takes to build function after function. Its your job to understand how tech savy you became after taking the time to learn web development. Be colorful and uplifting while presenting your web design services.

How do I present my web design services better?

Presenting your services to others as a web designer or developer is important. If you cant come up with creative ways to promote your online business then chances are your web design clients will think you cant do anything for their online business either.

Start with a few of these:

  1. Official Website
  2. Start a blog (WordPress,Blogger,etc)
  3. Create ads for social sharing
  4. Promote in free classifieds
  5. Word Of Mouth (Biggest of all)
  6. Email Newsletters
  7. SEO
  8. SEM
  9. Text blasting (your friends & family may not like but)
  10. Setup as many social networks as possible
  11. Study your competitors
  12. Offer Discount / Coupons
  13. Holiday Specials
  14. Build a few free sites

Perfect your Official Website!

Setting up and perfecting your official website is critical to getting web design clients. They want to see pricing, portfolio, and level of detail you put into your own website.

Start a blog

Starting a blog can potentially drive more visitors to your website, in return potentially getting web design clients. You can setup a free blog with, Blogger, or even add a blog to your existing website. Write about your services or something your learning and include links to your website from those. Therefore driving traffic from other sources possibly getting web design clients.

Create ads for social networks

Creating ads for social networks can be a great source of traffic. Gaining attention on social media not only drives traffic to your site but also gets recognized by search engines leading to higher rankings. Higher search engine rankings ends as getting more web design clients.

Promote with free classifieds

Promote your business and services with free classifieds like Millions of people go to craigslist looking for one thing or another. If they are looking for web design services, are you there for them to see? Craigslist allows you to post classified ads with html inside. Placing links to your site can actually help with getting more web design clients!

Getting more web design clients with word of mouth

Word of mouth is the most important source to getting more web design clients. Mediashrinx sees about 70% of clients come from good word of mouth. Being honest, helpful and supportive to your web design clients can get them to tell everyone they know about how great you are. The best thing about word of mouth clients is they don’t have as many insecure questions about getting started. They heard from someone else that you do great work and approach you with their needs rather than their concerns.

Sending Email Blast / Newsletters

Sending email blast can gain traffic however its not the best way to get new clients. As your getting web design clients add them to your email blast and keep them up to date with your services and products. We recommend Mailchimp free email blast service which will let you send 12,000 emails to 2000 subscribers for free. You can pay for larger campaigns but that will get you started.

Organic traffic with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When customers needs a product they usually run straight to search engines and search keywords to find a few answers to their quest. Providing information about your services can get your ranking higher in search engines so that visitors have the opportunity to click on your website rather than your competition.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing can really help with getting more web design clients. As users search for “web designer” you could popup on the top 3 ad listings. or several appearing on the right side of google search results. This is a costly method of getting web design clients.

Text Blasting your services

If you have a smart phone you can always try sending out a “check out our website / Services” text to all your contacts. Without a doubt a few people on that list are going to share, visit, and shop while the rest will see it as such an inconvenience. Overall its still an occasional method for getting web design clients.

Getting web design clients with social media

Social media works great for getting web design clients. Have your social tags setup properly with you website and begin seeing social engagement climb higher than ever. Setup as many social networks for your business as possible as you never know the best place for getting web design clients.

Study your web design competition

Doing research on your business competition can help with any business, especially getting web design clients. Web design can be easily confusing and when explaining web design to a possible client, you may get too technical. Study your competition to discover your important topics, keywords, and pricing.

Offer Discounts & coupons

Offering discounts to customers can be a real persuasion when it comes to spending thousands of dollars on web design. Create incentives to buy with you today! Offer discounted web design packages that help then purchase one package to accomplish many hurdles they may have.

Show some Spirit!

Have a little holiday spirit by offering special web design packages for holidays and seasons. A Christmas special to help website owners upgrade for the new years with a special Christmas time price.

Why would I work for free?

Working for free is not easy when it comes to web design. However when it comes to getting web design clients, doing a few free websites can get you a portfolio started as well as good word of mouth. Offer web design in exchange of social sharing & word of mouth from the client. They can afford that price I promise! From there, you have started 2 areas of weakness when it comes to getting web design clients.

Conclusion to getting web design clients

This is our guide to getting web design clients and we have the portfolio to prove that its possible. Don’t let getting web design clients get you down! Its tough getting started but if you follow this guide you are sure to get a few web design clients under your belt! I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to comment or contact us for help getting more web design clients.

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