Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Clearing temporary internet files from your browsers is easier than most people think. All you need is the free program Ccleaner provided by the company Piriform.

To get started you will need to install the program to you computer, Start by running the installer that you downloaded from the link provided above. When the installer pops up, Just click “Next”.Clearing Temporary Internet Files

The next screen is just the options for the program, You can edit these if you like otherwise just keep this default and click “Install”.

Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Now that Ccleaner is installed, Click and run the program. The first tab on the right “Cleaner” is for clearing temporary internet files. Make sure that the initial options match the example below. (Uncheck “Memory Dumps” and “Windows Log Files”)

Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Switch to the second tab on this page called “Applications”. Make sure it matches the example below for the browser that you are using.

Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Once you have all the settings configured and you are ready just click “Run Cleaner” to begin clearing temporary internet files. Optionally you can choose to analyze your files before cleaning them to see how much data you are removing. After cleaning your temp files, You can also have Ccleaner start with windows. Just go to your “Options” panel and select the settings tab. Check “Run Ccleaner when the computer starts”. Ccleaner will automatically provide system monitoring to prompt you when your temp files take up more than 0.5GB of data. With Ccleaner Professional you can use browser monitoring  You can do more than just clearing temporary internet files with Ccleaner. You can also clean your registry by just clicking on the “Registry” tab and select “Scan for issues” and then checking all entries you want fixed and selecting “Fix selected issues”. It is best to save a backup of your registry when prompted so that if something goes wrong after cleaning you can reload the registry from the backup.

[av_notification color=’red’ border=’solid’ custom_bg=’#444444′ custom_font=’#ffffff’ size=’large’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’ue800′ font=’entypo-fontello’] Be careful as cleaning your registry can cause some problems with installed programs.[/av_notification]

You are now done clearing temporary internet files off your computer.
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