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Project Description

About Asheville 411

Asheville 411 is a directory-themed website. With this website, people can simply input their address in Asheville to find out where and when the closest events will take place. They also make it available for a business owner to input his/her own business into the site, which makes it even more dynamic. Asheville 411 lists multiple events, restaurants, bars, and venues around the area. Whether you are looking for the best burger, band, or beer in Asheville, they have the perfect place to look. Most of their events are hosted at very popular local venues such as The Orange Peel. Don’t just drive around looking for what you want, figure out what it is and how far it is on!

Web Development and Design

Asheville 411 involved logo design, custom programming, and custom designs by Mediashrinx. We had to design the layout as well as input businesses, pictures, and a lot of other content. One of the great features of the website is the dynamic map, which gives you a visual description of where and when events occur. You can also see whether it’s a venue, bar, or restaurant by the icon and short description. Mediashrinx performed custom website development and design on Asheville 411, for an extremely affordable price. Call us today to make your vision a reality!

Events Website designs

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