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Project Description

About BTN Film Academy

BTN Film Academy was created by Mr. Johnson. He was born in Hampton County and raised in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Mr. Johnson has been working in the video/entertainment industry for over 15 years and is known as the entertainment and video plug for indie and mainstream artist as well as small businesses and major corporations. His exceptional drive & hard work has deemed him for ultimate success. The skills he has acquired over the past 15 years have prevailed countless opportunities and noteworthy network connections in the entertainment industry. This film school gives you the option of selecting Day 1, Day2, or both days. Day 1 covers the equipment side of film making, while Day 2 covers software editing and advances filming subjects.

Web Development and Design

In the construction of this site the most important task was to set up a store which allowed the customer to choose between three options. The customer would have to choose between Day 1, Day 2, or both. We set up WooCommerse, did full design work, and created a enroll now page to start allowing the school to form and give classes. This website is four pages which makes it simple and easy to navigate. Also, it is completely mobile ready (like most of our sites). These classes are recurring, which took a lot of functionality and thought. Mr. Johnson is very talented and he expects his website to convey his business, so we are pleased to see his happiness with our design work and functionality.

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