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Project Description

About Clement Asset Management

Clement Asset Management LLC is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm that offers financial planning services and recommends investment management strategies. They assist clients in planning for the future by developing easy to understand financial plans and recommending investment management strategies. Gary O. Clement, CFP®, CRPS®, CRPC®, MPAS®, President of Clement Asset Management, has over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry. Not only an advisor, Gary is a lifelong student and instructor who enjoys teaching clients about money, investing, and the myriad financial products, vehicles and approaches available.Gary likes to take a personal approach when analyzing client scenarios, implementing, and monitoring the decisions that let his clients achieve their financial goals, in addition to actively engaging in delivering investment advice. Gary O. Clement has been helping people reach their financial goals since 1998.

Web Development and Design

Clement Asset Management is another custom, service-based website developed by Mediashrinx. Gary Clement comes with many different credentials, and we had to strive to create the perfect website for him at a low cost. We designed his logo for the site, as well as made it easy for his potential clients to get in touch with him. We also did content management and architecture, to make it presentable and marketable. Revolution slider was used to make the front page active and grabbing.

Banking Website Design

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