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Project Description

About Hoffman Painting & Restoration

Established in 1995, Hoffman Painting & Restoration was founded by Terry Hoffman. Prior to this, Terry worked for painting contractors, painting firms and construction companies. He witnessed firsthand how customers were being ill-served by sub-standard workmanship and poor service. He then went on to form Hoffman Painting and Restoration, to show painting contractors should be held accountable to their work and customer satisfaction. Their goal is to perform to the highest standards, as if it were their home. They offer interior painting, exterior painting, interior staining, exterior staining, wallpaper removal, popcorn ceiling removal, pressure washing and more. As far as home restoration and home improvements, they offer door restoration, cabinet restoration, deck restoration, concrete repair, wall repair, as well as many other restoration needs.

Web Development and Design

In this site we had to focus on functionality, appearance, and SEO. In just a few days, their rankings went up by over 50% and their site gained a massive amount of speed. The Hoffman painters site required us to create a page for each service provided. We also inserted SEO keywords and set each page up to register in google and other search engines. Images were very important in this project (like many others) and had to be the right quality and size. The various hover feature are also noteworthy on this site which make the user experience much more interesting. This is an ongoing project and will have more pages in the future, but is still an efficient website that scores very highly across the boards in many different website speed tests such as pingdom.com.

Contractor Website Designs

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