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Project Description

About Metro Proponent

Metro Proponent is a news magazine based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Focused on the people and their opinions from on politics, culture, economics, social issues, entertainment, health & education. With an audience young professionals, entrepreneurs, culturally driven people who are local-centric & diverse. Metro Proponent Newspaper has a vision of being the #1 source for creative & complete entertainment with top news stories for the urban living in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Metro Proponent easily distributes over 120,000 papers in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina stands. Metro Proponent has the help and support of Food Lion and Harris Teeter stores as well as local businesses in the city. Allow Metro Proponent to help promote your business, news topic or upcoming event. Check out the Metro Proponent for yourself!

Web Development and Design

Metro Proponent chose MediaShrinx through word of mouth in the city. With an existing website already, the owner of the Metro Proponent, Kim Wu decided that it was not competing with other news based site on the web. We kept the news post from old website and built a completely custom WordPress theme from scratch to fit their needs. This custom theme allowed the Metro Proponent to actually display all their news, articles, magazines, and advertising in one clean website. We actually built and manage several websites for Kim Wu as she has been a repeat customer for several years now.

News Website Development

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