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Project Description

About Muffin’s Halo

Silvie Bordeaux’s 13 1/2 year old toy poodle Muffin went blind approximately two years ago due to cataracts. He kept bumping into walls and falling down the stairs, so she could not let him out of her sight and carried him around everywhere. She searched the internet extensively for a solution, and found none. She realized that there is a great need for a products to assist blind/visually impaired dogs, so she invented this aid for dog device/guide Muffin’s Halo Guide For Blind Dogs that has changed Muffin’s life. From there, Silvie went on to create Muffin’s Halo for blind dogs and has been running a successful business for years.

Web Development and Design

Muffin’s Halo was a complete custom project with WooCommerse, extensive design work, and countless hours of programming. We were in constant contact with Silvie, the creator of Muffin’s Halo, to insure customer satisfaction. We built a custom theme from scratch and integrated social media, interviews, and promotional videos. In addition, we set up a system where someone can donate money for people who can’t afford a Halo. Muffin’s Halo is a 10 page website with full custom design and functionality. Get your own website today and let Mediashrinx be there every step of the way.

Muffins halo

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