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Project Description

About Simply Custom Solutions

Simply Custom Solutions is a family owned and operated company. For many years the owner had worked for someone else, whether it was installing equipment or working shifts in a manufacturing facility. After years of doing so it was clear that the visions he was helping build were not the same ones that he believed in. At that time he decided make his own vision for a business. He and his wife set out to establish a company that was based on the values and lessons they teach their children and run their household.

Simply Custom Solutions has 20 years of extensive experience in multiple aspects of home and commercial security applications, as well as construction trades. They tend to use this experience along with their values to continue to build a reputable and sincere business that is aimed at satisfying every customer and building a lasting relationship with them.

Web Development and Design

Although Mediashrinx did not do all the development of this site, we certainly played a part in their success with search engines. Simply Custom Solutions purchased SEO from us, and were completely satisfied. Within the first month, they skyrocketed in search engines beating out most of their local competitors. Mediashrinx was in full communication with the owner and kept him informed on every minute spent. We also added pages to help support the many services and products (both commercial and residential) Simply Custom Solutions provides. Along with adding pages, we also created content and molded it with keywords to insure optimum SEO results. SCS was another satisfied SEO customer!

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